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Ever gotten stung by a police speed trap? Ever gotten flashed by a red light camera? Don't risk costly tickets and fines when you go for a drive - get Phantom Alert.

Phantom Alert attaches to your GPS or smartphone and gives you a fair warning when you approach speed traps, red light cameras, checkpoints, railroad crossings, and even speed-bumps.

Best of all, your subscription gives you access to their constantly updated database so you know where the latest speed traps and red light cameras are before anyone else does. That's why PhantomAlert.com superior to conventional radar detectors - you'll know where the police are lurking before you get hit with their laser. All you need is a GPS system or smart phone and you have the power of a massive database for the US, Canada and around the world.

Traffic tickets are way more expensive than investing in PhantomAlert. But don't be afraid to grab a Phantom Alert coupon or two to save on your subscription.

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"See" a Speed Trap before It Sees You!

Get the Phantom Alert app and take advantage of audio and visual speed trap alerts on your cell phone! Click for info and the latest discount offers.

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